Month: January 2016

Donald Trump in People magazine

trump people magazine

Source: Facebook

While this may sound like something that Donald Trump would say, the first clue that the attribution is false is that the quote is allegedly from 1998. While Fox News was in some markets that year, the network had yet to build a reputation as a “right wing” media outlet.

Snopes has done a thorough investigation and has found no evidence this quote is real.

Zipper merge

zipper merge

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Studies have shown (most notably, a study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation) that merging as late as possibly has many benefits on traffic:

  • Reduces differences in speeds between two lanes
  • Reduces the overall length of traffic backup by as much as 40 percent
  • Reduces congestion on freeway interchanges
  • Creates a sense of fairness and equity that all lanes are moving at the same rate